Sunday, May 31, 2009

Green Roofs for Florida's Future

This week green roof construction is complete on the green roof test section. The roof will be put through a series of wind and rain tests to establish the viability of a living roof in a hurricane prone region. Also, the durability tests will help establish a baseline for the actual lifespan of a non-irrigated green roof. The no irrigation component makes all the technology applicable for future generations as the fresh water scarcity is becoming a real problem.

Materials for the 4x12 roof section's living component where supplied through MetroVerde a green roof designer and innovator out of Jacksonville, FL. These roofs are specifically designed to be placed directly on shingles and use no irrigation. Therefore specifically chosen to withstand the Florida climate extremes. The roof was planted with a variety of species and then seeded. The roof will be let sit for 2 weeks to establish itself before testing.

As the roof grows in I will post pictures and discuss the process, condition, and data from the testing. Look for more to come.

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